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Eunise Lim 林心瑀, SAMPTM

Team Head, Mortgage & Corporate Loans

Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP)


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Our Services

Private Financial Services:

- Personal Wealth Planning

- Personal trust services

- Real estate loan consultation


Business Consulting Services:

- Corporate capital management

- Business Loan Planning

- Corporate strategy consulting

- Corporate accounting and taxation

- 个人财富规划
- 个人信托服务
- 房产贷款咨询


- 企业资本管理
- 商业贷款规划
- 企业战略咨询
- 公司会计和税务

Eunise's Story

Eunise Lim (林心瑀) is a certified Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner (SAMP) in the field of mortgage and corporate loans, with an impressive 5-year track record in the industry. Currently, she leads her own team, leveraging her expertise to guide and support her colleagues in providing financial solutions to clients.


Eunise's career journey began as an executive personal assistant to the CEO of a multinational corporation. While in this role, she realized her passion for connecting with people and helping them plan for significant milestones in their lives, such as property purchases and business expansions. This realization led her to make a bold career switch to an advisory role, where she could fulfill her passion for assisting others with their financial decisions.


As a mortgage and corporate loan specialist, Eunise takes great pride in assessing her clients' financial data and requirements meticulously. Her goal is to secure the best loan deals available in the market that align with her clients' needs and aspirations. Eunise's natural ability to connect with people has enabled her to broker various business transactions, earning her the trust and respect of family offices, business partners, and individuals alike.


Collaborating closely with her clients, Eunise provides advice on loan requirements, strategically using loans to enhance their assets and achieve their financial objectives. She firmly believes in delivering the best solutions tailored to each client's unique circumstances, ensuring their financial success and prosperity. Eunise's commitment to excellence has driven her to establish strong relationships with multiple banks and loan providers. By maintaining these close partnerships, she ensures access to a wide array of loan options and secures the most favorable deals for her clients.


With Eunise Lim as your dedicated mortgage and corporate loan specialist, you can be confident that you are in capable hands. Her passion for helping people, coupled with her extensive industry knowledge and network, ensures that she will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional financial guidance and support for your property purchases and business ventures.


林心瑀(Eunise Lim)是抵押贷款和企业贷款领域的资深专业人士,在这个行业有着令人瞩目的5年履历。目前,她带领着自己的团队,充分发挥她的专业知识,为同事们提供客户的金融解决方案,为客户提供指导和支持。

心瑀(Eunise Lim)的职业生涯起步是担任一家跨国公司首席执行官的执行个人助理。在这个角色中,她意识到自己热衷于与人交流,并帮助他们规划重要的人生里程碑,如房产购买和业务拓展。这个认识促使她大胆转向咨询角色,她可以满足自己协助他人做出财务决策的热情。

作为抵押贷款和企业贷款专家,心瑀(Eunise Lim)以严谨的态度自豪地评估客户的财务数据和需求。她的目标是在市场上获得与客户需求和愿望相符的最佳贷款交易。心瑀(Eunise Lim)与人交流的天赋使她能够成交各种业务交易,赢得了家族办公室、商业合作伙伴和个人的信任和尊重。

与客户密切合作,心瑀(Eunise Lim)为他们提供贷款需求的建议,巧妙利用贷款增强资产,实现他们的财务目标。她坚信提供最佳解决方案,量身定制符合每个客户独特情况的财务规划,确保他们的财务成功和繁荣。心瑀(Eunise Lim)对卓越的承诺推动她与多家银行和贷款提供商建立了牢固的合作关系。通过保持这些紧密的合作伙伴关系,她确保客户可以获得各种贷款选择,并获得最优惠的交易。

拥有心瑀(Eunise Lim)作为专属的抵押贷款和企业贷款专家,您可以放心,您将在可靠的手中。她对助人的热情,结合丰富的行业知识和资源,确保她将竭尽所能提供出色的财务指导和支持,为您的房产购买和业务拓展提供帮助。


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