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Martin Xu 许岩

Director of Wealth and Financial Management


9876 2165

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Our Services

Private Financial Services:

- Personal Wealth Planning

- Personal trust services

- Real estate loan consultation


Business Consulting Services:

- Corporate capital management

- Business Loan Planning

- Corporate strategy consulting

- Corporate accounting and taxation

- 个人财富规划
- 个人信托服务
- 房产贷款咨询


- 企业资本管理
- 商业贷款规划
- 企业战略咨询
- 公司会计和税务

Martin's Story

Martin Xu Yan, a dedicated and experienced professional in the field of Wealth and Financial Management. Originally from China, Martin is now a Singaporean and has been staying and working in Singapore for the past 22-year.


He graduates with a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Since graduating, Martin has been actively engaged in the finance and accounting sector, honing his skills and expertise throughout his career. He has held sroles in both accounting firms and international investment banks before finding his place at Prudential Singapore in 2018, where he specializes in Personal Financial Planning.


Having personally gone through the process of immigration, Martin understands the unique financial challenges faced by Chinese families who relocate to Singapore. This first-hand experience allows him to empathize with their situation and provide tailored financial solutions that suit their needs. Combined with his extensive financial industry knowledge, Martin is well-equipped to offer professional and effective wealth planning services to immigrant families.


With a commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others achieve their financial goals, Martin Xu Yan is the Director of Wealth and Financial Management of JV Capital Management. He will guide and support you on your journey towards financial prosperity and security. Whether you are a new immigrant or a local resident, Martin's expertise and personalized approach will ensure that your financial future is in safe hands.


He specialised in both personal and corporate financial management. 


许岩(Martin Xu Yan)先生,他是财富与金融管理领域的专业人士,具有丰富的经验和扎实的专业背景。他原籍中国,如今已经是新加坡的公民,并在这里生活和工作了22年。


许岩先生在新加坡管理学院(SIM)获得了会计与金融学士学位。自从毕业以来,他一直活跃于金融与会计领域,并在职业生涯中不断磨练自己的技能和专业知识。他曾在会计事务所和国际投行担任重要职务,后来于2018年加入新加坡英国保诚(Prudential Singapore),专门从事个人理财规划。




许岩先生对卓越的承诺和帮助他人实现财务目标的热情使他成为JV资本管理(JV Capital Management) 财富与金融管理总监。他将在您追求财务繁荣与安全的旅途中给予您指导和支持。无论您是新移民还是本地居民,许岩先生的专业知识和个性化服务都会确保您的财务未来安稳无忧。




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

9876 2165

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