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How do we work with you?

We invest in early-stage investor and we took substantial time to each startup to guide and mentor them during the start up process.


We act as your trusted advisors supporting you in all aspects of running a startup. To help you grow, we put special emphasis on your and your co-founders.

We enjoy that you are proactive and clearly state what you need from us; in return we will work relentlessly to deliver. We always seek to build long-term partnerships so that we can support you in both good and bad times. 

How do we source deals?

We are on the lookout for the most potential deals in Singapore.

We look for likeminded founders who are not afraid to fail. Our own founding experience has taught us that a seed-stage startup is a work in progress, so we are passionate to mentor you in this process.

What are we looking for?

The best teams with the right mix of deep knowledge & the ability to hustle their way through is important in our selections.

These are some of our evaluations criteria.

  • Strong Teams

  • Full Commitment

  • Exit potential

  • Scalability

  • Enterprise focus

  • Singapore Based

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